Monday, July 13, 2009

Family Pictures.

Saturday evening was another Second Saturday at Root Division. As usual, RD didn't fail to impress. This month's show, Family Pictures, showcased a wide array of inspired approaches to the topic of family and belonging. Check out the pics, check out the show and support Root Division because it's a great organization!

Family Pictures was curated by Michelle Townsend and featured works by Laura Ball, Elizabeth Bernstein, Jan Blythe, Colby Claycomb, Adele Crawford, Melissa Day, Chris Fraser, Michael Hession, Rachael Jablo, Audrey Jones, Heike Liss, Jessamyn Lovell, Cathy Lu, Dan Lydersen, Carolyn Mason & Susannah Slocum, Masako Miki, Shelley Monahan, Camilla Newhagen, Mary Parisi, S. Patricia Patterson, Jana Rumberger, Julie Schustack, Jim Sienkiewicz, Andrea Slattery, Marta Spurgeon, Kirk Stoller, Lien Troung, Marie Van Elder, Naomi Vanderkindren, Serena Wellen, Carmen Winant and David Yun.

For more images from Family Pictures, go here.

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