Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Ugly Stepsister.

For those of you that don't obsess over reality tv shows starring people 10 years younger than you, that craptastic show called The Hills ends its infamous run this evening. After years of awkward pauses and episodes full of nothing happening (as reenacted here), it's finally coming to an end. It's obvious MTV has always favored their little California gang...I mean Spencer even looks almost, dare I say, not douchey in this photo from MTV's website. Everyone looks hot and tan and thin...just like you would expect any group of twenty-somethings famous just for being famous that live in Hollywood.

The stars of The City...well, apparently actually working for a living does nothing for your looks.

Are these really the best photos they had of each of the "characters" from The City? How did this happen? Whitney is naturally gorgeous and Olivia, with her stunning hair, is as well (even though she is a total bitch). In this picture, Olivia looks like she's actually dying, Whitney's pretty hair is in a heinous bun on top of her head and Roxy looks much crazier than she actually is. Apparently whoever is editing photos for MTV is a HUGE Erin fan because she looks quite pretty. Also, now that I look more at the logo, I'm kind of hating the C.

I've heard The City only has one season left in it. I'm not surprised...MTV apparently never gave it a chance. Still, I will miss Kelly Cutrone and loving to hate Olivia and her flawless hair and wardrobe.


  1. This kills me! haha You are so right! I can't believe these were the best pictures of The City ladies. Looks like the photo was put together in about 10 minutes. I will also miss Kelly Cutrone. Do you think Kell on Earth will come back?


  2. I've never seen The Hills; but while I was in LA with my best friend who lives there, we went for a driving tour. And I'm the most LA-stupid person there is, I know nothing about the city. So we started climbing higher terrain, and I said "oh, are these the Hills? Like, the ones from that TV show?" And I think we were over by Burbank or something. Not the Hills. But we ended up over in THE The Hills later on, obviously noticeable as soon as the houses turned ridiculous.
    This was actually a pointless and not so interesting story to tell, but I'm going to post it anyway since it took so damn long to type. :)

  3. Totally agree with that photo! Those girls are gorgeous and MTV decided they shouldn't be for some reason?


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