Friday, September 18, 2009

Summer Lovin', Happened So Fast.

In a poor attempt to save every last fleeting moment of summer, I sat inside and searched for sunshine on flickr. Wow, something is so incredibly wrong with that statement.

Nothing against fall (after all it does bring Fleet Week and Halloween and scarves and boots and changing leaves, but also shorter days and daylight savings time and a foreboding feeling of winter), but I just love summer. Well, not the summers that I grew up with in Arizona with 122 degree weather, but those I've enjoyed in California for the last 10 years. More specifically, summers in Encinitas with 70 degree water, 80 degree weather and evenings spent watching the sunset while doing this:

This is summer to me. Image from The California Surf Project.

In three months, I know I'll be referencing this post daily. Winter is always hard on me. As soon as time changes, I'm literally counting down the days until December 21st because at least after that each day gets longer.

I'm off to linger in these images for a bit. This talk of short days and no sun is bringing me down, man.

(Click on the image below to go to my flickr favorites to see each individual photo.)


  1. these are some lovely posts! I absolutely love fall, so I am excited about it approaching, though not winter! But ye, once you are in the middle of a cool season, it is nice to go an reminisce a nice warm one.

  2. yay there I am! thanks for choosing me :)

  3. I sympathize with a fellow solstice devotee. That feeling with the days that keep shortening, especially when it is dark before 5:00. Then it's December 22, feels hopeful. Here's to spending all the daylight hours outside, no matter what time of year.


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