Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Guess I'd Take It.

I am going absolutely ga-ga* over the use of wood in this apartment made by combining 3 smaller apartments in the ritzy Metropolitan Tower on West 57th Street in Manhattan. I'm just going to venture a guess and assume all of the built-ins are custom. Oh, and the view's not bad if you're into that whole floor-to-ceiling view of Central Park sort of thing. Also, the chairs and light fixture in the dining room. Um, yeah.

* Not to be confused with Lady Gaga. Don't worry, I am planning on wearing pants when I leave the house today.

Images by Michael Weber from the Behance Network via Kitsune Noir.


  1. Nice! I love how restrained they are in decorating too. I have a problem where I acquire so much stuff I'd goop that place up with all of my weird collections.

    I need to work on that.

  2. Nice!!! the piano surrounded with shelves is only slightly upped by the red dining chairs and matching dinosaur. When do you guys move in?

  3. What a Spaces!So FAB!Love the First photo,looks refreshing,so airy and feels like luxe about the bedroom,Gorgeous all!Images are Great!So is the Blog.Inspiring :)


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