Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh Oh Alberto.

Muchísimas gracias to Color + Design Blog for bringing this stunning illustrator to my attention. Alberto Cerriteño is a Mexican designer currently based in Portland, Oregon where he works as a Senior Creative Director for Curiosity Group. He sites his influences as "lowbrow artists and contemporary surrealists." To me, his work feels a bit "Ren & Stimpy" meets Barry McGee meets Tim Burton meets Jim Flora (thanks for that introduction Alison). Don't be thrown off by the overwhelming amount of bluish hues here. He works in all shades...I was just drawn to this particular color story this morning (as I am nearly every morning).

All images courtesy of Alberto Cerriteño.


  1. i like these a lot! nice and moody for the fall.

  2. Very cool. I like your description, I can see each of those mentioned in his work.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the post! I ordered a couple of his small prints on Etsy after reading this and checking out more of his work. I found your blog via Apt Therapy. Cheers : )


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