Monday, June 22, 2009

What's for Dinner?

I was turned on to smitten kitchen by an old middle school friend (hi Kate!) I reconnected with thanks to all these new social networking sites the kids are into these days.

Anyway, I found a recipe there that is quick, easy and tastes like summer. I think I've already made it four times since I discovered the recipe last week (I kid, I kid...I've made it six times).

Here's a sneak peak...the ingredients are goat cheese (yes!), asparagus (yum!), lemon (yes, please), olive oil and pasta. Honestly, how could this go wrong? Well, I'll tell you how...if you ignore the bit about adding back in some of the pasta water. Do it or it's just not the same. Also, I've added some shredded roasted chicken in to add some protein and it's to die for chilled.

Here's a link to the recipe: Asparagus, Goat Cheese and Lemon Pasta.

And here's a picture so you go to the grocery, buy the ingredients and make it for dinner tonight! It's excellent with some least that's the word on the streets.

Photo courtesy of
smitten kitchen.


  1. Hi! I haven't tried this one yet but am now convinced that I must.

  2. Sounds oishi! I'm gonna try it next weekend.

  3. Thanks Victoria! You just taught me a new word. It really is one of my favorite go to pasta recipes. You have a lot of freedom to improvise here, but the essential sauce is spot on. I bet it would be great with zucchini, too. that gives me ideas for this weekend ;)


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